Mums!!! Recharge Your Batteries

Juggling work, kids, and everything in between can leave you feeling like a deflated balloon – all your energy sucked out, with barely enough left to reach the the end of the day.

But, maybe, there is a natural solution lurking under the radar, ready to help you reinflate that balloon and reclaim your energy? Enter magnesium, a superhero mineral with a surprising connection to your energy levels.

The Powerhouse: Magnesium and Energy Production

Magnesium is like a spark plug for your body's energy production engine. It plays a crucial role in a process called cellular respiration. This is where your body converts food into a form of usable fuel (ATP) that powers all your activities, from going to the gym to taxi-ing kids around all day to conquering work deadlines. Here's how magnesium keeps you going:

  • Activating the Energy Enzyme: Magnesium acts as a co-factor for an enzyme called ATPase. This enzyme is like a key that unlocks the energy stored in ATP molecules- and that energy can be released and available to the cells in your body. Without adequate magnesium, this enzyme, ATPase, can't function optimally, which means the energy stored in the ATP molecules won't be released.... which means..... we feel sluggish and tired.
  • Regulating Blood Sugar: Magnesium helps regulate blood sugar levels, which are directly linked to energy. When your blood sugar dips, you experience that dreaded energy crash. Magnesium helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, keeping your energy levels more consistent throughout the day leading to feeling a good energy level throughout your day.
  • Muscle Function and Recovery: Feeling constantly achy and stiff? Magnesium plays a vital role in muscle function and recovery. Low magnesium levels can contribute to muscle fatigue and weakness, further zapping your energy reserves.

But How Do I Get More Magnesium?

While a balanced diet rich in leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and whole grains is ideal, many busy mums struggle to meet their daily magnesium needs through food alone. Here's where exploring additional options comes in:

  • Topical Magnesium: Creams, Sprays, and Bath Soaks containing magnesium offer a potential alternative: With regular application of Salt + Earth Co magnesium range, you may start to notice a reduction in muscle tension and stiffness, a reduction in stress levels and improved sleep. All of these contribute to recharging your batteries.
  • Oral Supplements: These are a convenient way to boost your magnesium intake. However, some people can experience digestive discomfort with certain types of oral magnesium supplements. Be sure to speak to your naturopath to get the correct supplement for you.

The Magnesium Collection

At Salt + Earth Co., we are mums too. Sometimes we are tired busy mums too! We get the importance of keeping your energy levels up. Our range of high-quality magnesium products are crafted for the each aspect of your day to get those energy levels up.


Replenish Your Magnesium Stores, Boost Your Energy Levels

Magnesium may be a major piece missing in your energy puzzle. Adding topical magnesium from Salt + Earth Co. to your daily routine, you can potentially replenish your magnesium stores and experience a much-needed boost in energy. A little magnesium magic can go a long way in helping you to feel energetic with a touch of vibrance! Image that!!! My favourite way to do this is to spray 4-5 sprays of Magnesium Spray on the soles of your feet or your tummy each night as you pop into bed. Keep it simple and achievable. Combine this with good nutrition and moving each day and you will feel like that energetic mum... and that's before you have a coffee!!!



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