Giving Back To The Ocean

Giving Back To The Ocean


Our purpose and deep core has always been about giving back. Giving back to the people who have supported us and giving back to the ocean that supplied us with our incredible ingredients. Without this aspect, it just doesn't feel right. Giving back to those that have helped us is why we do what we do. For that reason, we choose to donate $1 of all sales to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help us save the reef and the ocean in which we are so thankful for. 


The Great Barrier Reef Foundation puts all of its efforts into protecting the home to many creatures, great and small, with some being rare and endangered. 

The ocean is necessary for our world to thrive. With out coral reef being under threat, we loose the very ecosystem that cleans, feeds and sustains our ocean. 

By planting a coral and restoring our reef, we are helping to sustain and even gain health in our oceans which will equate to a better world for our kids.

We Are Committed To Saving The Reef

one piece of coral at a time

We Are Committed To Saving The Reef

one piece of coral at a time

How We Give

We choose to give back to the reef as the ocean has given us much of our incredible ingredients so we can deliver to you.

$1 of all saes is donated to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation where they tirelessly continue their work to save the reef and our ocean.

Enhanced Coral Breeding

Using gene-editing approaches and synthetic biology to increase stress tolerance and other desirable traits

Assisted Natural Adaptation

Facilitating the sharing of the genetic diversity of corals, transferring desirable traits between coral species and populations, such as using coral larvae that is already adapted to warmer conditions.


Coral predators like Crown-of-thorns starfish survive by eating coral, and their numbers are out of control. To give the Reef a fighting chance of recovery after bleaching events, they scale up the most effective ways to manage coral predators and competitors.

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