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My name is Bec and I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of magnesium in patients I have seen. I have observed time and time again how many people, particularly busy mums, often prioritize everyone else's needs, leaving themselves feeling exhausted and depleted. Recognizing the critical role magnesium plays in overall well-being, and with a staggering statistic – 1 in 3 Australians deficient in this essential mineral – I set out on a mission.

My goal: to create a range of topical magnesium products suitable for the entire family. From bubbas and pregnant mums to adults of all ages, I wanted to provide a natural solution that could address fatigue, stress, and muscle tension for everyone at home. Creating super clean formulations using pure ingredients with  sustainable practices utlizing infinitely recyclable packaging reflects our commitment to both family health and environmental responsibility. 


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Salt + Earth Co. Magnesium. Clean + Effective.

Dr. Bec's commitment goes beyond simply offering family-friendly magnesium products. Salt + Earth Co. prioritizes quality control by crafting each batch in small quantities. This dedication ensures you receive an exceptional magnesium experience every time.

However, Dr. Bec's vision extends far beyond the product itself. Their mission goes beyond selling magnesium; it's about empowering mums to understand the root causes of fatigue and sleep issues. Dr. Bec believes a lack of quality sleep can significantly impact mums overall well-being and even trickle through to the family. Helping mum, helps everyone. That's why Salt + Earth Co. provides information and guidance on how mums can tame their busy schedules, eat nutritiously, incorporate movement, and find inner calm – all crucial steps towards feeling their best.


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Topical Magnesium backed by science.

Mission & Vission

We envision a world brimming with energy and vitality, where mums can overcome fatigue and busyness to live their best lives.

Mission: Salt + Earth Co. is dedicated to empowering our community. We achieve this by offering exceptional magnesium products, coupled with educational resources that promote understanding of sleep, stress, and overall well-being. As equally as importantly, we are dedicated to give back to the ocean, the source of our key ingredient, ensuring its long-term health. Through this holistic approach, we inspire mums to reclaim their energy, embrace healthy habits, and live a life filled with vitality.

Our Impact

Salt + Earth Co.'s impact extends far beyond the bottle. Our magnesium products empower families to fight fatigue and tension, while educational resources equip them to understand the root causes of these issues. Our commitment to sustainability, through small-batch production and ocean-friendly practices, ensures a healthy environment for all. We create a ripple effect – fostering a community that embraces natural solutions, environmental responsibility, and a life brimming with vitality.


CALM Collection

The Art of Calm

Featuring magnesium combined with Cedarwood & Rose Geranium herbal extracts, designed to soothe muscles, ease tension, and promote a sense of calm.