Our Story

Our Story

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Our magnesium story is much wider, much higher, and much deeper than meets the eye. We began making magnesium in our osteopathic clinic, Total Balance Healthcare in Chelsea Heights, Melbourne, after we recognised a constant ask for our pregnant mum patients to be able to use a magnesium that does not contain essential oils. Less than 3 months later we had our first magnesium cream produced and batch and we have never looked back.


Dr. Rebecca Farthing (Osteopath/Naturopath)  / CEO

Our Magnesium

Everything is made in small batches- this allows us to constantly assure quality as we produce. We are making it as you order it and we pride ourselves on continuously learning about our customers and our industry so we can be the best at what we do to serve you better. This process & practice allows us to give you an amazing magnesium experience every time!  In a sea of magnesium options, you chose us so we want to show our appreciation by providing an excellent product.

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“Ever wondered how we create our magnesium? We’d like to reveal a few secrets. From magnesium' discovery to the ways we curate our products today and make the perfect selection for personal relief, the history of magnesium might surprise you. “



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Inspiring The World

This isn't just about making magnesium products. This is about helping people to understand why they feel tired and have trouble sleeping and some possible ways to investigate or help that. Because if we can't sleep, we just can't function and that is when dis-ease sets in. Understanding how to tame the busy schedule, eat well, move and calm your farm is a huge step in the right direction to feeling great. 

Our Mission & Vision

To inject energy & vitality into a tired, busy world. 

To offer incredible magnesium with the education and empowerment to uplift our community. 

Plus the most important thing---> give back to the ocean where our star constituents come from